I started using the California Farms wellness patches because of a bad mental state, which made it difficult for me to fall asleep, I slept restlessly and I was sleepless in the morning. I have been using the patches for some time and I can say that I feel much better, I sleep peacefully and the mornings are more cheerful.

Kociánová R.

I use CBD pain patches as a very quick aid for menstrual pains, they help me with severe cramps, the associated discomfort and irritability. It is the best, fastest and most effective solution for me.

Petra N.

It works, met expectations.


I work in a high management position and I am very busy. Before I started using the Sleep, please patches, I couldn't sleep at night, thoughts about work, what I did today and what I will do tomorrow were running through my head. I slept 2-4 hours a day, which was insufficient with my workload. Thanks to the patches, the stress is gone, I sleep well and I am generally positive.


Hello California Farms,

I discovered your patches after spraining my back playing football. I am an active athlete who lives by sports and cannot imagine life without it, and suddenly I had a problem with sports. Rest mode, massages or anything else didn't help me. The relief I felt a moment after applying the patch to my sore back was unexpected for me. I'm so glad I didn't hesitate and tried the patches, they really helped.

Černý Jan

Thank you to the people at California Farms for the great customer service in dealing with the problem with the shipment that I had sent to the wrong address. Solved quickly and willingly 😊

Monika M.

I am a CBD user and this is my first experience with patches. Their effect was pleasantly surprising. Very quick delivery.